Children facing the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face a lot of developmental challenges. They face difficulties in communicating and understanding what others feel and think. So, how does one connect with these kids, understand their problems/issues and help them grow & learn just like a typical kid does?

At Tanay Foundation, we have answers to all your problems when it comes to dealing with kids affected by Autism. We adopt a holistic teaching approach to help these kids learn & develop at their own pace. Our focused-training programs facilitate your child's development and help him/her lead a normal, happy life.


Our special educators and experienced therapists work closely with each child to help him/her overcome day to day challenges. We even provide specific training programs for parents to help them deal with child's behavior in a better way.

Children with autism experience delay in developing motor skills. Without proper treatment on time, the child continues to face this delay in doing daily activities like using crayons, dressing oneself etc.

Research suggests that about 95% of children facing problems in visual motor integration also find it difficult to participate in playing games, sports and other leisure activities. Besides having poor handwriting skills, such kids also have poor life skills because of the motor disorder.

At Tanay Foundation, we empathize with your kid and adopt a collaborative approach to develop basic and advanced life skills so that he/she can lead a normal life.

Sensory Integration

Autistic kids are over/under sensitive towards light, smell and sound. Using the sensory therapy, we make these kids more comfortable with the sensations of their surroundings. Parents of kids with autism face frustration and go through a lot of stress because their kids are unable to interact socially and participate in daily activities.

The sensory integration therapy is focused towards helping kids achieve these goals. This therapy helps make your child more independent towards self-care and daily activity participation. Our occupational therapists understand the issues faced by your child, identify his needs and accordingly provide the therapy.

  • Feeding/Swallowing
  • Handwriting
  • Organizational skills, including attention to task and sequencing
  • Splinting and Casting
  • Visual Perception and Visual Motor Skills
Prevocational Training

This training programme is inclined towards teaching & improving a child's ability to work in real-life situations at school, home and community. This training helps your kid develop a comprehensive understanding & awareness of the environment in which he/she lives. Your kid also learns about numerical skills, safety, etc. Moreover, our staff works closely with each child to identify his/her interest, pay individual attention and help them master a particular skill.

  • Time management
  • Body mechanics
  • Ergonomics
  • Strength & endurance

Vocational Training

We are focused towards assisting autistic children with finding appropriate employment opportunities so that they can earn performing their specific skills, thereby enhancing the overall quality of their life. Teens are given adequate/extensive training and practice in social & communication skills so that they perform successfully in employment situations.

Our strategic approach involves assessing an individual's needs, identifying his/her strength and setting feasible goals. This entire process helps us understand which employment conditions are best-suited for your child to achieve success. Certain highly-skilled children with autism also have self-employment as an option.

It's a myth that autistic kids cannot find jobs. Instead, these exceptionally talented kids are gifted with the ability to transform the world around us. They just need to be trained and coached in a special way.

Dealing with autistic kids isn't just about giving them medication. As a Parent, you also have to handle severe behavior issues such as self-injury, tantrums and aggression. With our specialized parents training programme, you will be in a better position to overcome these challenges.

Training Focus

We run collaborative parental training programmes to empower them. Our training methods allow parents to get more involved with their child. The training facilitates a child's communication and language development by helping parents connect with them in a better way. This way parents' anxiety is reduced and the child gets a similar environment at home & school. This is imperative for their healthy growth and learning.

Improving Parent Education
Early Communication Intervention
Social Support for Parents


Learn about your child's unique learning style

For parents, it is important to know how his/her child communicates. Our workshop driven training allows you to have a better understanding about your child's sensory preferences. You become familiar with the child's communication style and thereby set realistic goals and become more responsive towards his/her needs & problems.

Lessen your child's behavior problems

Learn to apply child-oriented strategies by observing and listening to what your child is trying to communicate. The interaction promoting strategies help you interact with your child in a positive way. What's more, with language modelling strategies you learn how to interpret your child's action and accordingly deal with him. When you understand your child better, there are fewer behavior problems.

Reduced frustration & stress

Our training programme helps you gain a complete idea about the challenges faced by your child. Also, the intervention strategies taught by our occupational therapists and special educators allow you to handle your child in a better way. The result is you become more tolerant towards your child and reduce your anxiety levels considerably.

Broader skill maintenance and generalization

A major drawback of conventional autism treatments based on Applied Behavioral Analysis is that the child may not be able to apply the skills taught in therapy room in real-life. Our parent-focused training models facilitate broader skill generalization and maintenance. We help parents master interaction strategies that can be applied in everyday life situations involving their child.

We know how difficult it can get to communicate with an autistic kid, our specially designed parent training modules help make your life a lot better.

To address the special need of autistic kids, creative activities can foster calmness and stimulate attention. At Tanay Foundation, we involve your kid into various activities to facilitate his growth and learning skills.


We conduct various workshops to improve learning skills of autistic children. These allow children to improve their language skills and learn new concepts. We also teach your child to take care of himself/herself by making them understand the importance of safety.

Art & Culture

Engage your child in art & craft activities that facilitate their creativity levels. Such activities also help children achieve a sense of accomplishment. To make them understand about different cultures, we conduct music & dance activities. Different stage performances are held to help your child showcase his/her talent. We also organize festival celebrations to help your child understand the significance of different festivals.

Group Activities

These activities allow your child to connect with peers and enhance his/her social communication skills. Children learn about sharing and communicating among peer groups.

Birthday Celebrations

We celebrate the birthday of each child to make him/her feel special. Every child, at Tanay Foundation, is treated equally to foster an atmosphere of friendship, peace and justice.

Sports & Leisure Activities

Outdoor activities including games help your child relax and learn things at his own pace. We organize games after considering the needs of every child. Sports activities make them aware about their strengths, weaknesses, competition etc. Moreover, they also learn how to perform in a group.

By adopting a holistic approach to teaching your kids

We hone their skills and help them become more independent.
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