Like any other parent, Mrs. Meenakshi dreamt of leading a happy and normal life. That's when her world came crushing down. Her beloved son Tanay was diagnosed with autism at the tender age of 9. The little boy had convulsions from the time he was born and had to live on anti epileptic medications too.

The crucial development milestones

Because of this, Tanay, missed all the crucial development milestones. Despite giving all sorts of medication, the boy showed no signs of improvement. Instead, the medications numbed his mind further. Mrs. Meenakshi enrolled him in a special school thinking his needs and behavior would be understood. But alas, the special school, too, failed in providing some respite to her.

After years of hard work and numerous

Consultations with medical professionals, she has now become an expert when it comes to dealing with autistic kids. She understands their world, needs and thoughts better than ever before.

She started the School with

The sole mission to provide unflinching care, support and guidance to autistic kids and their families. She did not want any other kid to go through the same experience as Tanay did.

Regular complaints and a decline

In Tanay's abilities pursued Mrs. Meenakshi to consider withdrawing him from school. She decided to take the matter in her own hands and deal with the problems hands-on! She sacrificed her career to look after her son.

Mrs. Meenakshi realized how challenging

It must be for a parent to deal with a child having autism. She turned into an extraordinary visionary after her own experience and decided to start a School meant exclusively for autistic kids.

She strongly believes that

Children with autism deserve respect, care, empathy and love like any other child. They are special in their own way!

This is the story of Our Founder - Mrs. Meenakshi!

A comprehensive approach to dealing with autism

Every child, at Tanay Foundation, receives individual attention and is treated with utmost dignity. Their special abilities are valued here. The extensively-trained Staff teach the kids keeping in mind their unique talent. What's more, parents of children with autism are given hands-on training to deal with their kids in a humble and caring manner.

Four Pillars that shape Tanay Foundation

  • Empathy & CareEmpathy & Care
  • Parent ParticipationParent Participation
  • Respect & DignityRespect & Dignity
  • Relief & RecoveryRelief & Recovery