We are, at our heart

An organization that strongly stands for autistic kids and seek to transform their world from all angles. Based at Ahmedabad, India, Tanay Foundation has been working with children affected by autism for over a year now. We help autistic children overcome behavior problems, improve social interaction and enhance academic learning.

Our approach is Simple

By offering collaborative training programs to your kids, we help them overcome day to day challenges. Our workshop-driven teaching models allow us to teach your kids in an entirely new way. With able guidance from special educators and occupational therapists, your child thrives in an environment that is synonymous with equality, dignity and empathy.

Communication Practice

Autistic kids find it extremely difficult to communicate their thoughts. We use the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to help improve your child's functional communication abilities. PECS allows your child to communicate their thoughts using a picture card.

It works well at the school and home. This system enables your child to initiate communication which otherwise would have been very frustrating. PECS works very well with children of all ages facing various physical, cognitive and communicative disabilities.

Occupational Therapy

We have with us some of the best occupational theraapists who closely observe your child throughout the day. They even see to it that he/she performs a particular task as required. Moreover, they help your child by enhancing their motor skills, interactions, play skills, responses to touch, smell, sound, light etc. Occupational therapy helps foster -

  • Gross motor skills like climbing stairs, riding a bicycle etc
  • Fine motor skills like cutting with scissors, holding a pen while writing
  • Visual skills
  • Perceptual skills
  • Daily living skills

Environment-based Learning

Nature based play and learning for autistic kids allows them to connect
with the external world in a far better way.We have designed an environment that helps these kids learn through outdoor play and learning spaces. Your child learns those basic skills required to become more acceptable in the society. We drive learning by ensuring that your kid keeps asking questions.

Sensory Training

Research has shown that sensory integration training given to autis tic kids helps
improve their daily functions considerably. It helps ease sensory difficulties and changes the way how brain reacts to touch, movement, sight and sound. Here are some benefits of using this training.

" We look forward to a world that treats every autistic child with respect and dignity! We are directly involved in transforming the lives of autistic children and their families. And, we are campaigning to enhance the lives of many more. Join hands with us to make this world a lot better for these special kids. "