What is Autism ?

Autism is a disorder of the brain that causes lifelong development disability primarily affecting communication and social abilities of people. It is also known as Spectrum Disorder because of the severity of the symptoms ranges from a mild learning and social disability to severe impairment with multiple problems and highly unusual behaviour. This disorder may occur alone or accompany problems such as mental retardation or seizures. 80 % of those affected by Autism are boys. Autism is found throughout the world in the families of all economic, social and racial background. A child with Autism, looks like any other child, has distinctive behavioural patterns. He may enjoy rocking or spinning either himself or other objects and may be apt to repeat the same activity for a long period of time.

How Can Autism Be Detected ?

There are no medical or genetically tests that can detect Autism. A diagnosis of Autism requires a sensitive and experience doctor to observe the child very carefully, ask the parents about the development of the child and then objectively follow internationally recognized criteria for diagnosis.

What Causes Autism ?

As mentioned above, there are various autism types. Hence, there are different types of causes for the same as well. All of these causes are a complex combination of factors that are hard to define. While there are various myths that proclaim that the causes could be boiled down to childcare, events during pregnancy, child weight, mother’s age during pregnancy and others; none of these have actually been proven yet.

Is Autism Curable ?

Speaking purely in medical terms, there is no cure for autism. You might come across various practitioners and others in the field who might claim to treat autism; but, you have to know that there is no scientifically proven and approved cure available yet. However, this doesn't mean that the child would forever stay the way s/he is. With proper training, therapies and compassion; the child could be made to learn vocational skills, interact in the society and do much more than you thought s/he could.

What are the Symptoms Of Autism ?

Catching the symptoms early can help you get your child on training and therapies earlier. Some of the following traits of your child shall make you suspect of the presence of an autistic condition: · Eye Contact: Does your child not make eye contact with you or anyone else during a conversation or other times? · Social Impairment: Does your child not show interest in building relations with peers? · Speaking Skills: Is the development of your child’s speaking skills delayed or stalled? · Response: Does your child not respond appropriately or unexpectedly to sounds, smiles or facial expressions? · Resistance to Change: Does your child always insist on having similar routines and set up in the house? · Treating as Objects: Does your child treat toys as objects and not according to their utility? (for eg. A doll might be a mere block. You can detect such traits by finding out how the child behaves with the toy) · OBSESSION: Is your child overtly obsessed with a thing or person?

Why Does My Child Show Different Behaviours ?

Behaviour always occur for a reason. It can be a result of person’s history and current environment. If a behaviour is happening, there must be a reason for it, a function for it. The person exhibiting the behaviour is trying to communicate something. So we need to find out why a behaviour is happening before we can decide what we can do or how can we change or modify it.

Would My Child Be Independent Ever ?

The answer to this is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. ‘No’ because s/he might require an assistance or at least someone to overlook his/her conduct. ‘Yes’ because s/he can be taught to perform various tasks including daily chores, vocational work and others. All of this, however, needs you to be associated with qualified medical practitioners, trainers and therapists. A combined effort of these individuals will help you accomplish the task on hand.

Can My Child Attend School ?

S/he can of course attend school. It, in fact, is his / her right. While joining the mainstream schools is a possibility too, it would be appropriate for your child to join a special school where his / her special needs will be taken care of with more conviction.

What are the Various Myths About Autism ?

There are various myths that exist in the society about autism, its causes and other facets of the same. Here is a list of some of those beliefs which are only myths as they have not been proven yet: Autism can be caused by lack of proper care during pregnancy: This is not the case at all. Children with autism can’t feel any emotion: They can feel the emotions just that they might not manage to communicate the same. Autism can be caused by problems during delivery and labour: Again a myth. No validation of the same has been found yet. Children with autism do not need friends: If they cannot communicate the way others do doesn’t mean that they do not wish to maintain relations. They like friends but can’t express their desire. Autism can be caused due to MMR vaccine during early childhood: This has not been proven yet. Autism can be caused by lyme disease: Another myth. No proof of the same exists. Autism can be caused by poor parenting: You do not need to feel guilty. It is ridiculously unlikely of autism having any relationship with parenting. Autism can be cured: There are no treatments for autism. All that can work is therapies and training. Autism is just a brain disorder: Not true. Research proves that there could be many complex mutations and disorders that might happen and they are not just restricted to the brain. Children with autism are untalented: There are various things that these children can do exceptionally well. Like most other children, their skills are innate to them and different in different children. Autism can be caused my malnutrition: Not true.

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Our Staff comprises of experienced educators and occupational therapists who help improve communication skills of children. With proven teaching methods, we successfully address the core concerns faced by children with autism and their parents.

Autism, today, has become more common than ever before! Children with autism need to be given proper attention, love and care. It's unfortunate that our society treats these special children with apathy, ignorance and disrespect.

At Tanay Foundation, we understand the pain-points of parents who have to deal with their children having this complex neurological disorder.

We exist to make world a lot better and peaceful by offering complete support, guidance and training to children with autism. By empowering parents, we aim to bring a sea-change in their child's life.