Autism Affects

Get focused care for your child

Being a parent of a child having autism can be an emotionally wrenching process. The initial stages can be frightening and you may find yourself at crossroads wondering what to do next! This is where Tanay Foundation can come to your assistance.

Get Complete Training

  • Only School for Children with Autism in Gujarat
  • Get unwavering care, empathy and respect for your Child
  • Founded by Mrs. Meenakshi, parent of an autistic Child
  • We know how it feels to deal with children having autism
  • Successful strategies to deal with autistic behavior

How We Work

With the goal of transforming the lives of children affected by autism,
we utilize proven training techniques and methods.

We make humble efforts towards making a significant impact in the lives of children who are special in their own way. We firmly believe that every child having autism has equal rights to live a peaceful and prosperous life.

Expert guidance from the Founder helps the staff to engage in Structured Teaching. Our approach is inclined towards the use of visual learning and predictable classroom environment. We operate with the philosophy that children with autism have different characteristics and each one has an unique hidden talent.

Parent Training Programs

Dealing with children having autism is not just about clinical visits. One has to go beyond the normal ways to connect and interact with such children. We help parents by offering holistic, collaborative training programs consisting of tools, strategy & guidance to deal with their children in a better way.

  • Improve child's social engagement
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Deal with family interests/conflicts
  • Set realistic goals for your child
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Intensive behavioral based training

Activities to groom your child

Our classroom teaching consists of a mixture of individual work, play and activities. For offering constant attention to each child, we have only 8 students in a class. Besides this, we also involve your child in -

  • Sports
  • Workshops
  • Group activities
  • Art & craft
  • Festival & Birthday
  • Leisure activities

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